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Farm to Table Dinner -October 26Moroccan Farm To Table Dinner at Branch Mill Farm

Saturday, 3:30 till dusk


Formal sit-down meal.
Offering a 4 course Moroccan inspired menu featuring Branch Mill Organic Farm seasonal produce. All courses are vegetarian with a meat option for the entree.
Tickets go on sale soon so see the farm’s website for details.

From Chef Rachel Kier: I started my cooking career in a local Cambria bistro over 17 years ago and have been cooking in many different capacities ever since. Having owned my own non-dairy yogurt company up in the Bay Area for almost 6 years with a lot of success, has led me into a very natural, healthy and creative way of cooking and eating. Blending all my different experiences in different cuisines, my knowledge in nutrition, and my deep interest and reverence in plants and herbs, I have tried to create food that is both fun, innovative, and full of flavor but that also offers health and well-being to those that eat it.

Local Featured Artist Viewing: Xuxanaxuxana- featured artist

Susana aka Xuxana is a renown 3rd generation Mexican-American artist
Whose work has been shown in galleries in San Luis Potosi and Cancun, Mexico.
She spent her early childhood in Pico Rivera, the heart of the Chicano movement of the late 60’s and 70’s. When she was 10, her family moved to Central Mexico
where she attended “Belles Artes” Art Institute. Xuxana’s art is inspired by La Madre naturaleza with Carribean colors as a theme. Her pieces are one of a kind with texture, depth and a soothing of the soul. She will have her art to view at our Farm to Table event on October 26.