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October Newsletter

Ruth’s Herbal Remedies / Branch Mill Organic Farm & Retreat Newsletter

October 2013

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As we move into shorter days before winter solstice, it’s time to rest and restore our bodies. Winter squash is a healthy choice for our health this time of year. The dense, orange flesh of the squash benefits all the internal organs of the body.  We have lots of winter squash for sale and recipes for soups, pasta, stuffed squash, stir fry and more to use these wonderful veggies in a variety of ways.

Cinderella Baking Pumpkins

What’s New?

On the Farm:

You can still order a CSA organic fruit and veggie box each week through paypal on our
There is also an option to pay monthly and get a box delivered each week of that month. We deliver to Dunbar Brewery in Santa Margarita on Tuesdays and to the Halcyon Store on Thursdays.  Currently in our box, we have a variety of heirloom tomatoes and peppers (Bell, Poblano, Anaheim, Jalapeno & Cayenne), a variety of winter squash (each week several different squashes), garlic, carrots, Red Ace beets, salad greens, lettuce, kale, basil, and edible flowers. We also have organic brown eggs here at the farm stand which you can request with your box. Eggs are $3.00 for a half dozen (in addition to the price of the box).

Our organic produce can be found weekly at the new location for the SLO Natural Foods at 2494 Victoria Ave. off Broad St in San Luis Obispo (just around the corner from their old location).  The Co-op has been carrying a variety of products from the farm.  We also have winter squash at New Frontiers.  Thanks to Big Sky Café for buying lots of veggies from the farm.

Assorted Squash Box

Squash Boxes Benefit for the Land Conservancy

During the month of November we are selling a 30 lb box of winter squash for $35. The box includes: Tuffy Acorn, Sweet Dumpling and Delicata, Black Forest Green Kabocha, Winter Sweet Gray Kabocha, Red Kuri Hubbard, Waltham Butternut and Rue Vif D”Etampes (Cinderella baking pumpkins). We donate $10 of each box to the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo Pick up sites include: Halcyon Faire Nov 9 & 10, Harmony House Yoga, Nov. 16th, and at the Land Conservancy office at 1137 Pacific St in SLO on Nov 22 and Nov 26 between 4:00-5:30 pm. Pick up at the farm is also available anytime. Just call 805-481-9205
We are looking to transform the farm to a more sustainable model with community support. If you’d like to be on the advisory council for the farm please let Ruth know:
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Events & Classes at the Retreat Center On Branch 

Mill Organic Farm

Gentle Hatha Yoga with Willie Richerson

About Gentle Hatha: 

This yoga class takes the push out of your day, using slow movement and breathing to gently energize muscles and joints. We will then dive into a relaxed series of grounding postures leaving the body stretched and refreshed. Classes will also offer opportunities for deeper breathing exercises and meditation. “I’m excited to share with you in the peaceful setting on the farm!”

Each Tues. beginning October 29
5:15 -6:30 pm
1st month only $5 a class

Herbal Help for Seasonal Sickness 

As we move into the winter colder season, there are a lot of preventative measures to take to avoid illness. Herbal remedies and other health care can do a lot to help us from becoming sick.  Immune tonic and adaptagen herbs support the immune system on a deeper level to help the body respond to stress and seasonal changes that come with winter.  Examples of such herbs are astragalus, reishi mushroom, eleuthero root (Siberian ginseng) ashwaganda, and schizandra berries.  These herbs are best taken in tinctures (liquid extracts) since they are roots which are hard to absorb in supplements and teas.  Also burning essential oils which have anti-viral properties in a diffuser can prevent illness. These include oils which are excellent for the respiratory system: peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, rosemary, and pine.

Herbal treatments for colds are most successful when symptoms are caught at the onset. It’s good to have an herbal medicine chest on hand to combat these symptoms early.  Here are some suggestions: Our Echinecea tincture blend: Flu Fighter and Flu Fighter for Kids from Ruth’s Herbal Tinctures, Vitamin C, zinc lozenges, elderberry syrup, eucalyptus oil (for steams) and ginger and other teas for the respiratory system, and licorice and marshmallow roots (for sore throats).

If your cold is already entrenched, herbs can still help to relieve the symptoms and speed your recovery.  Expectorant herbs like coltsfoot and mullein can loosen mucous that is stuck in the lungs and decongestant herbs and essential oils can help clear the head.  So next time you feel that tickle in your throat, reach for your arsenal of herbal remedies to nip that cold in the bud this winter season.

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Herbal Help for Sickness
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Visit my booth at these events!

Holistic Health Faire

Vets Hall, 801 Grand Ave,
San Luis Obispo, Sunday,
October 27th, 11am – 4pm.

An exciting new event

happening in San Luis:

Check out their

Facebook page!


Art in the Park

Dinosaur Caves Park in Shell Beach; every first Sunday of the month through Nov.  Next event: Nov  3rd.


Halcyon Faire

in the orchard next to the Halyon Store off Halcyon Rd. in Arroyo Grande Free event November 9 & 10: 10 am to 4 pm. Local artisans/great Christmas shopping!!

Harmony House
Yoga Event

991 Price St. Pismo Beach. Ruth’s Herbal R. will be a vendor only Sat Nov. 16. “In celebration of 4 years of community, love, growth, and inspiration, Harmony House Yoga is hosting an exciting and fun-filled weekend festival on November 16-17. Plan to take part in a variety of yoga classes, fun beach activities, inspiring guest lecturers, check out talented local vendors, relaxing massage treatments, joyful evening concerts, raffle prizes, and more! It’s sure to be a weekend of connection and celebration of community! Please visit Harmony House Yoga’s website or call the studio for more details and ticket information. We’d love for you join us! (805-773-0380).

Annual Central Coast Crafts Faire

Nov. 29 & 30, 10 am – 4 pm San Luis Obispo Veteran Memorial Hall (466-1749)www.californiacrafshow.comWonderful Christmas show with lots of sale items!

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The Halcyon Store
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104 Main St. Templeton CA
A Relaxation destination …spa,boutique, yoga studio, and overnight stay

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Organic Fruit & Veggie Box

Weekly delivery of our organic fruit & veggie box is available.

We deliver to Dunbar Brewery in Santa Margarita on Tuesdays and to the Halcyon Store on Thursdays. You can also call 805-481-9205 to reserve a box to pick-up at the farm at 2815 Branch Mill Rd, Arroyo Grande.

Pick-up boxes at the farm on Tues. or Thurs. afternoons (or call to pre-arrange another time)

Delivered boxes:
$16-small box 1-2 persons
$30-large box for a family

Boxes picked up at the farm:
$14-small box 1-2 persons
$28-large box for a family

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