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Farm to Table Dinner – August 29th

Sorry….this event has been CANCELLED.

We hope to have another Farm to Table event in the near future….

Please check back again.

$46 per person
Local Beer and Wine for Purchase

Saturday, 3:30 till dusk

4-course Malaysian inspired menu

Offering a 4 course menu featuring Branch Mill Organic Farm seasonal produce.

First course:  Vegetable Malaysian style ”pancakes” (Cucur Udang) – Green beans • Corn • Tomato • Leeks • Malaysian spices • Farm greens and Mint • Tamarind-peanut sauce

Second course: Deconstructed Malaysian “prosperity” salad – Cucumber • Cabbage • Radish • Pickled Carrot • Spiced Wontons • Peanuts • Fried Garlic • Roasted Pineapple • Basil • Lemon Balm • Honey Plum Dressing

Third course: Curry Laska (vegetables and rice noodles in rich broth) – Short Ribs or Tofu • Eggplant • Green Beans • Tomato • Rice Noodles • Coconut Milk • Ginger • Indian Curry Spices • Lime • Bean Sprout, Toasted Coconut & Chili Salad • Cilantro

Fourth course: Fried Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng) – Bananas • Vanilla • 5 spice Coconut Cream

From Chef Rachel Kier: I started my cooking career in a local Cambria bistro over 17 years ago and have been cooking in many different capacities ever since. Having owned my own non-dairy yogurt company up in the Bay Area for almost 6 years with a lot of success, has led me into a very natural, healthy and creative way of cooking and eating. Blending all my different experiences in different cuisines, my knowledge in nutrition, and my deep interest and reverence in plants and herbs, I have tried to create food that is both fun, innovative, and full of flavor but that also offers health and well-being to those that eat it.