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Newletter – January 2014

Ruth’s Herbal Remedies / Branch Mill Organic Farm & Retreat Newsletter
January 2014
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New Year 2014: Time for fresh opportunities and renewed energy.  Wishing all of you the best for this new year!
What’s New?
On the Farm:

Our CSA deliveries are on hold for the time being as we look at re-organizing the farm to a more sustainable model with community support.


The farm stand is still open every day.  It’s an honor stand so you just put your money in the slot.  Thanks to Bobby Roark Electrical who designed, engineered and installed solar power to the farm stand in December so it’s all lit up until 9 pm.

Solar? Bobby @ 235-0795


If you’d like a box of veggies, just call ahead and we’ll prepare a box for you for $15.  The box includes; a variety of winter squash, carrots, broccoli, kale, chard, arugula, herbs, lemons and edible flowers.


If you’d like to join our team of folks who are meeting to discuss alternatives for the farm (including BCorp, grant programs, community garden/educational components, and more), contact Ruth @ or call 805-481-9205.


Our organic produce can be found weekly at SLO Natural Foods at 2494 Victoria Ave. off Broad St in San Luis Obispo. The Co-op has been carrying a variety of products from the farm.


We still have LOTS of winter squash that we would like to move.  A BIG SALE here at the farm: 50% off all Butternut, Delicata and Kabocha.


At Ruth’s Herbal Remedies:


We have a new Thyroid Support tincture which benefits both hyper and hypo-thyroid problems.  Also we’ve created Snore Stopper and Sweet Sleep Aroma-therapy roll-ons which have been highly requested.  New vegan products made with wild-harvested Candelilla wax are coming soon which include salves and lip balms.

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Events & Classes at the Retreat Center On Branch 

Mill Organic Farm


Weekly Yoga Class:
Gentle Hatha Yoga with Willie Richerson 

About Gentle Hatha: 

This yoga class takes the push out of your day, using slow movement and breathing to gently energize muscles and joints. We will then dive into a relaxed series of grounding postures leaving the body stretched and refreshed. Classes will also offer opportunities for deeper breathing exercises and meditation. “I’m excited to share with you in the peaceful setting on the farm!”


Each Tues. beginning January 7
5:15 -6:30 pm
Only $10 a class



Getting Out of Our Head Playshop
with Bob Banner

Includes shaking, laughter, movement, fast writing,
meditation, slow writing, sharing, laughter meditation
and deep conversation


Saturday- February 1, 2014
10 am – 3 pm

Price range is from $30-$50
Payment is asked afterwards
Bring a light lunch and snacks
Call Bob @762 4848 to RSVP
Details, Map, flyer, references…

Facebook Invite


The Longevity Lab with Aparna

Spend four hours immersed in learning the most time-tested lifestyle practices for longevity and disease prevention. Learn about your body-mind constitution, the unique needs of YOUR body-mind and how to infuse your life with practices that strengthen and rejuvenate your senses and emotional well-being. Lunch is included. Topics covered: Ayurveda, doshas, guided meditation segment, a segment on emotional freedom and lunch.

About Aparna: Aparna Khanolkar is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, author and speaker based in Santa Barbara. She is the creator of “Embrace The Feminine,” “Reset and Rejuvenate,” “Beauty . Balance . Bliss.” Her philosophy is simple. Aparna’s greatest desire is to teach people that Food is Medicine for the Body, Love is Medicine for the Heart and Meditation is medicine for the Mind. To learn more about Aparna, please visit:

Feb 22, 2014 from 10:30- 2:30 p.m.

$50 per person – must pre-pay to ensure your spot

Reserve /PrePay Here


Bloom Meditation Workshop with Terry Hooker

This workshop is primarily based on the direct experience of sitting quietly and observing phenomena. Gentle yoga postures and pranayama, regulated breathing, will be instructed for deepening the experience through awareness of the mind body connection. We will practice meditation in a variety of postures and settings, including in restorative postures and meditating out in nature.


Terry Hooker offers a fusion of worldly experience, yoga, natural philosophy, and spiritual study. He practices various meditation techniques. He has traveled the world on spiritual study tours visiting special places from Australia to India and is excited to share his insight and experience. He is a certified Yoga Instructor and currently teaches Yoga and Meditation at the Yoga Centre of San Luis Obispo. Call Terry @ 805-459-4665 for registration and information.
Sunday March 2, 2014 
10 am – 3 pm 
$20 donation


In This Issue
Events at the Farm/News
Ruth’s Upcoming Events
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Gotu Kola
Vegan and Vegetarian

Visit my booth at these events!
Vegan Week SLO

Kick-off event at Bliss Café in downtown SLO on Saturday, January 11 from noon-4 pm.  Come check out and sample products from many local vegan businesses and network with more vegan-minded folks


3rd Annual Women’s Symposium

March 22nd, 2014, 9-4 P.M., San Luis Coastal District Adult School, 1500 Lizzie St., Room J-2, San Luis Obispo, CA Early registration is currently being accepted.

Women’s Symposium Facebook Page

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between Novo Restaurant and
the Birkenstock’s Store across
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991 Price St, Pismo Beach
The Halcyon Store
Halcyon Rd in Arroyo Grande
Serenity Yoga Center
Retreat & Spa

104 Main St. Templeton CA

A Relaxation destination …spa,
boutique, yoga studio, and
overnight stay
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A BIG SALE here at the farm: 

50% off all Butternut, Delicata and Kabocha




$5 off Promotion
Mention the newsletter to get $5 off your next purchase from Ruth’s Herbal Remedies!

Gotu Kola: Good for MemoryGotu kola is a memory and rejuvenating brain tonic to overcome depression, increase longevity, and treat fevers and other ailments.  Also known as Centella, the plant flourishes in damp, marshy areas and is native to India and Austral-Asia. Gotu kola has an extensive history as a medicine both internally and externally.  In India it has been an important rejuvenating herb in Ayurvedic medicine, primarily as a wound healer, but also effective in treating other skin conditions like lupus, eczema, and psoriasis.   In addition it has been used to cleanse and purify the blood, strengthen the adrenal glands and as a brain tonic to increase intelligence and memory.


Some yogis in India use gotu kola to help open the crown chakra and improve meditation practice. The shape of the leaf is said to resemble the brain itself, thus its reputation to increase brain power and balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


Several Ayurvedic recipes call for pureed gotu kola leaves as a tonic for the scalp.  It is said that that the plant promotes healthy hair growth so the leaves are infused in many hair oil recipes in India.  (  Gotu kola is also highly revered in Chinese medicine and often households will have it growing in a pot just outside a door to easily pick and make tea.


In my own herbal practice, I use gotu kola in these tinctures: Memory Momentum, Anxiety Ease¸ Hormonal Regulator (as a hormone balancer), Fibromyalgia Fighter, Diabetes Control, Lighten Up for weight loss and Clear Complexion for skin problems like eczema.  Gotu kola combines well with gingko biloba, another rejuvenating herb for mental acuity. So give your mind a boost for the new year with some gotu kola.

The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian


The following is an excerpt from:


The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that vegans eliminate all animal products from their diet, including dairy and eggs. Those following a vegan lifestyle generally do not wear leather and avoid products made from animals such as wool, silk and down. Vegans’ tremendous compassion for animals is an abiding, overriding conviction in their lives.

Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry but they tend to consume dairy products and eggs. Lacto-vegetarians consume dairy products but not eggs, ovo-vegetarians eat eggs but not dairy products and lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat eggs as well as dairy products. Vegetarians also do not eat products that contain gelatine or other meat-based products.

The vegan point of view is that animals are not here to be exploited by man, and that commercialization of animals necessarily involves a fundamental, inhumane component and lack of respect for basic life.


From a nutrition standpoint, the only difference is that vegans need to take a B12 and amino acid supplement, since they have no dietary source of these nutrients. You can get all the nutrients you need on a lacto-ovo (eggs and milk) vegetarian diet without supplements.

Vegan Vegetarian
Introduction Veganism is a philosophy and compassionate lifestyle whose adherents seek to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Vegans endeavor not to use or consume animal products of any kind. Vegetarianism is the practice of a diet that excludes meat (including game and slaughter by-products; fish, shellfish and other sea animals; and poultry). There are several variants of the diet, some of which also exclude eggs.
Diet Vegans do not consume meat, eggs, milk, honey or any food that is derived from animals. Do not eat meat or fish. Some do consume dairy and some vegetarians consume eggs. Lacto-vegetarian: eating dairy products. Ovo-vegetarian: eating eggs. Do not eat gelatin or other animal by products.
Products Do not use any animal derived products, e.g. fur, leather, wool, etc. Do not condone the use of animal testing. While vegetarians do not eat meat, most vegetarians do not mind using other animal-derived products, e.g. fur, leather, or wool.


About Ruth’s Herbal Remedies
Ruth’s Handcrafted Herbal Remedies is a line of products made from certified organic ingredients, all-natural plant extracts, carrier oils, and essential oils. All the ingredients have been hand-selected from known reputable sources. Each product is made by hand to create natural healing formulas.